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Lynette will address and consult on the strategy of your real estate portfolio and financial goals. Her deep knowledge of the current market will help identify both on and off-market property potential. Investment home analysis includes awareness of ARV and smart renovation decisions to help maximize your ROI.  

Real Estate Investing Guide

Reasons To Invest

Each of my clients has a different goal in mind when they begin to invest in real estate. Here are a few different reasons individuals might look to start investing; increase cash flow, save for retirement, build equity through property appreciation or tenant occupancy, gain tax advantages.


Flipping Investment Properties

If you are interested in flipping homes, my goal is to get you in and out in as little time as possible, while designing a space that realizes its full potential. As a designer, stager, and REALTOR®, I will take all of the guesswork out of renovating, including choosing finishes, providing a list of resources, and connecting you with contractors to make the process entirely seamless.


Buy & Hold Investments

If your plan is to buy and hold properties for appreciation or tenant occupancy, my goal is to make it easy. I will help you find homes that already have tenants in place for immediate cash flow, or help you find a low-cost property, improve it, bring it to code, then find renters that will bring a higher return.

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