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Real Estate & Design

Do you love watching HGTV? Do you dream about having your house decorated like your favorite design shows? Well, you just found your REALTOR® and Designer! I might not be famous (yet!), but I do have years of experience doing just what the TV gurus do. By helping you buy, sell, invest, design, renovate, build, and decorate, I will make your dream home a reality. I will offer my expert advice when touring homes, so you understand the opportunity it presents to fit your needs as a buyer. After closing, I can assist you with any additional design services you might need. 

Investor Design

Whether you currently own an investment property(ies) or have a desire to break into real estate investing, I am here to help! As both a REALTOR® and Designer, I can help you maximize value when flipping a property, purchasing a vacation home, or investing in an Airbnb. Working with your budget in mind, I will ensure that your property receives the attention it needs to transform from blase to a market-setting show stopper. 


Flipping Investment Properties


If your plan is to buy and hold properties for appreciation or tenant occupancy, my goal is to find you a profitable investment. I will help you either find homes that already have tenants in place for immediate cash flow or help you find a low-cost property, improve it, bring it to code, then find renters that will bring a higher return.

Additional Design Services

Not looking to buy, sell, or invest? Maybe you're just curious what a professional designer could do with that big blank wall in your living room? Are you hoping to make your master bedroom warmer and more inviting? I can assist in helping you redesign and decorate your current home, from projects big to small. Once my designs are complete, I'll go the extra mile and fully install (hang art, place accessories, rugs, etc.) everything, leaving your home functional and a place that you are proud to show off to family and friends.

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